Chicago: ODESZA Tour 2017

SONG ID: “A Moment Apart” by ODESZA

I met Noah through instagram in May of this year. He messaged me saying he liked my style, and, confused but flattered, I responded saying thank you. I never would’ve thought that our friendship would amount to something like this.


Our first time meeting in person was at Sloss Festival in July. That’s right, our first time hanging out was seeing ODESZA together in Birmingham. It’s rare that you can meet someone and have that kind of experience with that as if you’ve known each other for years. There a lot of people I have many things in common with, but Noah is literally the boy version of me to a T. He makes me laugh, he likes pickles and extra sharp cheddar cheese, his hair wavy and goes in whichever direction it decides, he loves Death Cab for Cutie (with his favorite song being the one tattooed on my rib cage), his favorite number is 3, and he NOW has the ODESZA icosahedron on his shin, just like I NOW have it on my thigh. He preaches peace and love and he is full of joy.

When ODESZA released their tour dates, I was DEVASTATED to discover that there were going to be no shows in the south east. This dear friend of mine surprised me with plane tickets to come up with him and his friend Brett in Chicago. These too goons live up in Michigan, so they were a little more accustomed to the cold.

brett and noa

The trip was filled with coffee from several great coffee places including Intelligencia, good food, and a even a surprise visit from some friends  I know from Mississippi State who DROVE up just for the show as well.

The show was incredible. Hands down best concert I’ve ever been to, and I’m so grateful that I could share it with friends like these.


Asheville, NC – Trip 2017


Hello Earth, it’s been a while.

Side note: ODESZA released a new album recently, so it was highly appropriate I feature one of these songs in my video (Late Night // ODESZA).

First, I want you all to meet my friend Samuel, who’s featured often in this video. Sam likes red velvet cake, Alison Wonderland, gloving, and traveling.


Sam and I met less than three months ago, and he has truly become one of the most important people in my life. Through his kindness, trust, and overall friendship, he has helped me learned to love myself and be happy. In the short amount of time that we’ve been friends, we’ve been to multiple shows in Atlanta, and traveled to Alabama and Florida together.


We decided to take a trip to Asheville, NC to go to an event a little north of the city. Although it ended up being slightly less than what we expected, we still had a great time making a trip out of everything. As soon as we arrived to our AirBnB in Weaverville, I got a call from my dear friend Olive who just so happened to be in the area as well. Olive is filled with strength and love and I am so grateful to have her in my life.


We got lunch with her and a few of her friends, and then headed to one of my FAVORITE places which is the Double Decker Bus Coffee Shop in downtown Asheville.


Unfortunately we had to cut the trip a little short because we both had some work to do before school on Monday, but we were able to stop by Furman University to see my friend Julia from Sloss Festival (Birmingham).


Oh, also my hair is blue now. Yay.

Something Wonderful Festival 2017

‘Twas a week before finals… So why not pack up, procrastinate, and drive to Texas??

I saw the line up just a few weeks (maybe like 2?) before the show, and thought to myself “Wow a great lineup. Too bad I can’t just pack up and go to a festival in the middle of a semester.”

so wo lineup

And then I remembered just a month and a half before, I packed up and left for six days in the middle of the semester to go to Okeechobee Festival.

I spent the day basically convincing myself to go, and when I found out the tickets were under $150, I was sold.

I convinced one of my really good friends from school to go, and once that was public information, two other acquaintances asked if they could come along. Those two soon became more than acquaintances with us on a this road trip of about 70 hours total.

We packed up and left Starkville, MS around 3:00 pm on Friday to drive out to Irving, TX (right outside of Dallas) to stay with a friend of mine that I actually met at Lights All Night. Upon arrival around 11 pm, we all unanimously passed out on air mattresses and couches.

The next day we woke up early to get some breakfast with another friend of mine from architecture school who is now cooping in Dallas. He was kind enough to let me stay with him for LAN over winter break, as well as pay for our breakfast that morning.

We got to the festival quite early, only to be greeted by 25+ mph winds and 50 degree weather. It was definitely weather for which we were completely under prepared. We huddled together at the rail of the main state where we were happily surprised with the presence of a couple, Hannah and Collin, from Minnesota I met at Shaky Beats last summer!


We watched performances by Ducky, Ookay, Buku, Tchami, and the amazing headliner Porter Robinson.

Exhausted, cold, and tired, we retreated back to Irving (we stopped by Whataburger on the way of course).

The second day provided much more tolerable weather. We adventured about the Knox-Henderson area to thrift and eat some awesome tacos. We then went back to my friend’s place, packed the car, got dressed, and headed to the second day of the festival.

There we saw Kayzo, Rezz, Cash Cash, Jauz (my personal favorite performer of the weekend), and DJ Snake.


The festival definitely proved to be Something Wonderful to remember. And we even made it back in time safely for our classes Monday!

Okeechobee Festival 2017

A 12 hour trip that turned into a 21 hour one.

An amazing line up.

A dusty, windy, and sunny campsite.

That was Okeechobee Festival.

Last Wednesday around 7 pm, my friend Daniel, who goes to Mississippi State with me, and I left our humble Starkville, MS to journey over 750 miles to Okeechobee, FL. The things we do for music.

We stopped by Auburn, AL to pick up a friend of Daniel’s named Anna Beth from his hometown of Huntsville, AL, who met us at Auburn with her cousin, Brent. After a midnight trip to Walmart and an hour of playing tetris with Daniel’s truck, we were finally packed and ready to drive through the night to Florida.

We drove through south Alabama and Georgia, and around 5 am he tapped out of driving, as it was my turn to take over. Since the drive was supposed to be around 12 hours + a time change, I figured I’d only be driving until around 8 or 9 am.


With traffic, tolls, and careless drivers, we didn’t make it to the campsite until 4 pm. With a negative quantity of energy left in my body, we rolled into the car check with almost no excitement to spare.

We set up camp in what seemed like twice the time as the experienced campers around us. After changing and somewhat organizing our area, we set off to explore our new, temporary home.

The festival was set up with over 4 stages, several vendors, a Ferris wheel, a beach, and medical centers. We set out to watch one show that night; however we all ended up crashing around 10:30 due to exhaustion.

The second day we got up, ate our breakfast and chatted with neighbors. 12th Planet started out our daily line up where I ran into an old friend of mine from High School. This was followed by night time performances by Space Jesus, Cold War Kids, and Flume.


Each day basically went like that: get up, eat, wander, music, bed.

The second day Griz played an amazing performance at the main stage, followed by Snails, Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, and Snail’s special guest performance.

On the final day, I got to sleep in to a late 10 am, and watched Moon Taxi for the first time. We then saw The Growlers, The Lumineers, and Pretty Lights. I may or may not have sobbed like a baby during the entire Lumineers set, especially during “Slow It Down.” Although tired and exhausted, we then packed the car and left for home around midnight. It sounds crazy, but coffee performs miracles.

Despite contracting strep, awkward tan lines, and a messed up sleep schedule, Okeechobee Festival was absolutely one for the books.

New Years: Dallas

Last Wednesday my best friend Mandy and I picked up and left Atlanta, GA to road trip out to Dallas, TX for New Years. We spent the night at my apartment in Mississippi, and on Thursday morning around 6:30 am, departed for Dallas to attend Lights All Night, an EDM festival at the Dallas Market Center. We made a stop in Tyler, TX and got some awesome coffee at the Foundry Coffee House, but, besides that, we drove straight through to our destination.


We met up with two other friends named Mate and Ryan. Mate goes to MSU with me, and Ryan came from Arkansas. We spent the afternoons shopping and adventuring around Dallas, which included cool consignment shops, picking up last-minute items (I really don’t know how I forgot a tooth brush), authentic tapas restaurants, and trying to figure out the layers on layers of the highway system there.

Our first night consisted of all four of us fighting our way to the front of the barricades. The hardwork paid off, though, because we were front row for the headliner, Zedd.

zedd(if you look really closely on the left, you can see us!)

The next day, we rushed around exploring Dallas once more. Mandy and I ate at a local breakfast place called BuzzBrews Kitchen, and checked out the local shops and culture.

img_6468We fell in love with the Knox area and its retro vibes. To refuel, we stopped at a coffee shop called Houndstooth that served us wonderful espresso drinks.

EFCB5675-BE41-4B5E-8FEC-4A4289E11A08.jpgWe got to the second night of the festival, and wandered about just as we did before. Mate and I stayed closer to the back and watched dancers and other performers sway with the music. The New Year was counted-down by A-Trak and the atmosphere was filled with joy. RL Grime closed the show with an amazing performance, and, after a confusing journey to find our uber driver, we all went back filled with good vibes.


We finished out our visit with lots of packing, cleaning, and stuffing our faces with the western delicacy, In and Out. After saying good bye to Ryan, the rest of us crammed into my sweet Kia that somehow survived the whole trek, and returned to Mississippi.

Overall, the trip is hard to not reminisce over, especially now that school is returning this week. However, it was an amazing start to 2017.

Just an Update

Hello world

If anyone still actually knows that this thing exists, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m still alive.

It’s weird: I have not lost my will to write nor my ability to do so; however I have developed some lesser prioritization of the subject.

Between finals and classes and work and a social life and sleeping (an ample amount of sleep, I may add. I don’t think I’ve napped like this since I was only able to crawl), I have just not really thought of much to contribute to the composition world.

It’s not like there aren’t topics to write about, especially since this crazy elections and the outcomes of the subject, but maybe that’s just it: I have grown to be exhausted to the manners that upset me and I have decided maybe to not express my feelings towards them because it makes me realize how bad it really is? I don’t know…

Thoughts have been circulating my brain as I try to compose even the slightest of stories, dear readers. The winter is here and I feel such little energy to go about my day, for my coughing and dry-heaving and runny nose just does not provide the sufficient amount of motivation necessary to do my daily tasks.

When I got on this site and realized that my last post was from the Pilgrimage Festival, I was slightly mind blown that I haven’t written much in so long. There has been so much that has happened: a massive GPA boost with my chill semester that surpassed the not-so-great one of architecture, several awesome concerts such as Porter Robinson, TW!NS, Griz + STS9, Daye Jack, and Marshmello, the hand-full of car washes I’ve had done since certain occurrences of inappropriate actions, the new job I’ve acquired through which I’ve met copious amounts of people and maintained my coffee knowledge, and, of course, achieving some form of mental health with which I am satisfied for the time being.

I’ll probably write something a little later about some issue that I am passionate about that is currently taking place, but for now I have to keep studying for this biology exam. Until then, thanks for reading.

Pilgrimage Festival 2016


School has been hectic this semester, not just with work load but a job, exercising, band, and other student organizations in which I’m involved. Because of this, I’m just realizing that I haven’t blogged in almost two months. That’s crazy. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get a few breaks from this crazy life with some cool road trips to festivals and other concerts. After band camp, my best friend at State and I went to Huntsville and Birmingham, AL for a day trip of good food and local music. About a month ago I went to Imagine Festival in Fayetteville, GA (you can click the hyperlink so the video Mandy did of Saturday’s experiences).

This past weekend my friend Luke and I met up with some other friends in Murfreesboro, TN to go to Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN. The trip itself may as well been considered a pilgrimage; we left Starkville, MS and drove to Alabaster, AL (right outside Birmingham) and then headed to Murfreesboro to stay at a friend’s place that night. Saturday we drove from Murfreesboro to Franklin. It was hot, we were tired, but we made it.


The lineup consisted of rock-alternative artists such as The Strumbellas, Kaleo, The Struts (the artist of the music playing in the background of this video), Shakey Graves, Beck, and Cake. All of the artists put on wonderful performances, and, although I personally was not completely familiar with everyone’s work, had a great time listening and enjoying the scene.

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